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What Is Ethereum? How Does It Work?

Ether, the natural token on the Ethereum platform, functions as a digital currency for various financial transactions, savings, and as a store of value, akin to Bitcoin. Ethereum itself is a decentralized blockchain network that facilitates the exchange and storage of Ether. The Ethereum blockchain serves as a global, decentralized stage for a wide variety of applications, with numerous games and financial apps operating on its network.

The core of Ethereum lies in its blockchain, which is a dispersed and distributed public ledger. This ledger is maintained by all participants in the Ethereum network, each holding an identical copy, ensuring transparency in all recorded transactions. The decentralized nature means there is no central entity managing the network, and cryptographic techniques are employed to secure and verify transactions.

Aside from being used as a digital currency, Ethereum allows users to create and run applications on its blockchain, similar to how software operates on a computer. These applications can handle diverse functions, such as storing and transferring personal data or executing complex financial transactions.

In addition to financial transactions, Ethereum’s network has the capability to store data and support decentralized applications. Unlike traditional hosting on servers controlled by companies like Google or Amazon, applications on the Ethereum blockchain provide users with control over their data and operate without a central authority overseeing everything.

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