Pontoon Boat With A Slide

Pontoon Boat With A Slide

pontoon boat with a slide

Pontoon Boat With A Slide – Can a slide be added to a pontoon? Three great options

We bet anything that if you’re here reading this article, you’ll love your pontoon boat. It’s suitable for almost any summer occasion, whether the 4th of July, a family visit, or a day off you’d like to spend on the water. But there’s no reason not to ask yourself how to improve it. So, can we add a slide to a pontoon boat?

Adding a slide to a pontoon is easy if you go the inflatable route. We recommend purchasing an inflatable slide rather than a fixed plastic model for true ease of use. They install and remove quickly on your pontoon boat; no permanent modifications are necessary.


What, though, does a pontoon slide offer? How much does it cost? Is the money worth what you stand to gain from it? We want to cover all of your inquiries and more in this post by providing answers to these topics.

How to Attach a Boat Slide to a Pontoon

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Also, we recommend an inflatable slide. Because? Because using an inflatable slide makes upgrading your pontoon boat no project. It’s as simple as flying it and throwing it over the railing. Watch your pontoon go from a simple ship to a water park in this easy step.

Typically, pontoon slides come as deflated rubber inflatable structures. When inflated, these packs will become an angled inflatable structure that you can place over the side of your boat.

The convenient thing about inflatable pontoon slides is that you don’t need to take any measurements, and you don’t need to screw anything. They are adaptable, and their floating design means they will stay above the water without being bolted to your pontoon.

A pontoon slide is the best option if you’ve wanted to upgrade your pontoon boat without going all out. It would help if you waited to deflate the slide until you get to the desired swimming location. Once you get to this location, take out an electric air bomb and detonate it. It should just take a few minutes at most.

A fixed slide is included on the ceiling of certain two-story pontoons. Because of their height, they are cumbersome and challenging to pull. Although some plastic slides come with ladders, we do not advise using them because they must be installed permanently on your boat. They may cause problems for your bimini tops, park cover, or other mooring coverings.

Good slides for pontoons

Good slides for pontoons

By now, you’ve probably decided whether or not you want to spend your money on a pontoon slide. So here are a couple of options if you’re leaning toward yes.

The Aquaglide is excellent quality and our most viable option at over 13 ′ lengths!

SportsStuff SPILLWAY is an excellent option for those who want ease of use. It inflates quickly, measures 10’5″ long, and is easy to use.

Rave has been making high-quality water toys for years, so you can only expect the best with their high-pressure automatic inflator. This option is about nine ′.

If you want something more extravagant, RAVE Sports Splash Zone may be the way. Although it’s not technically a slide, we consider it a great addition to your pontoon toy arsenal.

Are pontoon slides worth it?

Are pontoon slides worth it_

Although pontoon boats are entertaining, adding anything to them might make you the most famous person for a summertime get-together. However, the price could be a bit excessive. These very innocuous-looking small devices might cost a significant amount of money. Still, they might not be significantly more than a quality wakeboard or even a towable tube, and they can be a lot of fun for you and your kids.

An average pontoon slide will typically cost you around $500. Pontoon slides with additional features like floating and removable platforms can cost you up to $1,000.

With all this information, you might be second-guessing your decision to buy a pontoon boat slide. Don’t hurry, though. Although expensive, a pontoon boat slide could be wise if you have children or like entertaining. Furthermore, this is usually far less expensive than purchasing a lakeside home with all the inflatable toys and a pier that needs upkeep.

Kids love pontoon slides.

One thing is sure if you’ve ever brought your kids to a water park or regular playground: slides mysteriously captivate children. You most likely don’t find beauty as simple as kids did when you were a kid. They last a few seconds and burn the back of your legs. However, they are in and of themselves entertainment parks for children.

Purchasing an inflatable pontoon boat slide will give your children an alternative activity to jumping in the water. That may be enjoyable at first, but eventually, your legs will become weary from paddleboarding like a dog in the water.

You may be stuck with some ornery kids who want to come home when this happens. This can be problematic if the outing is also partly for the parents to have fun. Think of the pontoon slide as a way to extend the time your kids will be occupied.

So it may be worth it for peace of mind to keep your kids active in the water and lake.

Adults can have fun, too!

A water slide is enjoyable for people of all ages. The playground features with heated surfaces, such as the oven and wood chips at the base, have lost their allure. But a swift drop and a splash landing in the water? Why not?

If you’re the type of person who loves to have fun, a pontoon slide may be right for you. You will enjoy this simple little addition if you have the money.

And it works well for fun lovers, too. An inflatable pump doesn’t come with a substantial additional cost, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your breath inflating the pump. It will be ready and ready to use in a matter of minutes.


You probably think your pontoon boat is the epitome of fun and enjoyment. After all, that boat has taken you on some of the most memorable summer getaways you’ve ever had, providing your family and friends with endless hours of fun and laughter in the sun. But as much fun as your pontoon boat is, there are boat models that double the fun.

Say hello to the fun ships. Designed with a second story, these double-deck pontoons are a must-have for boating enthusiasts who use their boats to entertain guests and host parties. Equipped with all the details you need to organize the best event in the middle of the lake, pontoons with slides open the doors to new types of fun.

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