The 5 best artificial intelligence applications

artificial intelligence

Thanks to AIs, nowadays it is possible to obtain answers to complex questions in just a few seconds; create websites from scratch and even generate content for your personal brand or company, in an instant. Artificial intelligence is well-defined as the ability of a machine to present the same abilities as human beings. For example, learning, reasoning and creativity.

Next, we present the most used AIs that exist at the moment and we tell you what their advantages are:

Top 5 most used AIs of the moment

In short, the capabilities of AI-powered systems are increasingly impressive. Currently, many of these systems are within your reach waiting for you to get the most out of all the benefits they offer.

If you have wondered how to get started in Artificial Intelligence, here are 5 essential applications:


Today, ChatGPT is the most advanced conversational intelligence in the world. It was created by OpenAI, also creators of DALL-E 2, in order to generate content as if it were a human. In this sense, through a natural language, he is able to answer questions intelligently . Even generate content automatically.

Its great capacity is given by its system that was fed with 175 million parameters from various sources. For this reason, it can perform complex language tasks .

An example of using ChatGPT would be the following: imagine that you want a text that talks about the climate crisis, but that it does not occupy more than 1000 words. What you will simply have to do is ask Chat GPT3 for it, and it will present you with an answer in less time than it would take you to research the subject and write that many words.


This is an AI powered writing assistant. In this sense, while you type in applications, websites, documents or messages, it gives you suggestions on grammar and spelling . For this reason, it is an ideal tool to save time in reviewing and correcting large amounts of text.

This is another of the most used AIs, since it can be of great help to communicate effectively . It is designed to offer suggestions for the style and tone of the text.


It is another conversational platform powered by AI. Basically, it is a chatbot that allows you to create close and meaningful connections with customers. This system is used by many companies to apply effective solutions in the area of ​​customer service.

Its advantage is that by automating conversations with consumers, it allows them to meet their needs in a timely manner and provide a better experience. And, being an artificial intelligence, it has personalization at scale that will increase the percentage of satisfaction.

Web Development: Wix ADI

Wix is ​​a web development platform that has used AI to offer a better experience to its customers. In this sense, the user must answer questions about their needs, tastes and preferences. And, for its part, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) will take care of presenting a page that fits it .

All these advantages are possible because this system has been nourished by billions of combinations of templates, images, texts, forms, among other elements used to create websites. In this way, it generates a unique response tailored to each user. For this motive, it is part of the top 5 of the most used AIs.


This is an AI powered video creation platform . Its advantage is that it allows you to generate videos from text in just a few minutes. To do this, the user must select the actor that he wants to appear on the screen; then you will need to choose the language, customize elements and write the script. The system will take care of the rest.

In this way, Synthesia will allow you to create professional videos in minutes, without the need to hire actors, teams or studios. In addition, it has more than 100 actors and 120 languages ​​available. In summary, AIs are expected to continue to innovate the way in which we can optimize tasks. Its ability to execute actions is only in its beginning phase, so adopting any of these systems that we have presented to you means opening the doors to the future.

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